T-Media Journalism Training

T-Media specialises in practical training workshops for broadcast journalists, camera-operators, picture editors, news editors, editors-in-chief, and managers of broadcasting stations.

In recent years these workshops have been conducted in European countries which used to be within the Communist bloc, such as Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, and the countries of the former Yugoslavia – Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Based on BBC values and organisation systems, the workshops try to bring together the best of European professional practice, with experienced guest tutors and expert technicians.

Funding is often provided by the NGOs and European Institutions which support the development of independent, democratic media. Sometimes funds are provided directly by the benefiting broadcasters. T-Media tries to provide low-cost but high-value training, by keeping overheads to a minimum, and tailoring each course to meet specific needs.

Journalism Training

Presenter Training
Training in studio directing, shooting and editing at Radio-Television Vojvodina, 2008

If you are a broadcast-news executive interested in a T-Media training workshop, to improve your daily journalism, broadcasting techniques, efficiency and audience figures, just send an email to:

OSCE Workshop for Regional and Local TV Journalists, Camera-operators and
Picture-editors in South-West Serbia 2012

Click for images from T-Media's 2012 training course in Serbia.

Click for images from T-Media's 2008 training course in Serbia.

Click for images from T-Media's 2007 training course in Serbia.

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