ICF Mostra

ICF Mostra, based in Brussels, is one of the leading agencies providing communication services and consulting to the European institutions, other international organisations, governments and commercial clients. Part of ICF International, ICF Mostra has long experience of running integrated information campaigns, including audiovisual productions, media relations, event organisation, poster campaigns, printed material, websites and social media activities.

ICF Mostra also arranges briefings for journalists and senior editors about current developments in the European Union.

Rick has been a Development Consultant for Mostra since 1997, advising on the quality of their press material, and helping broadcasters to cover European stories quickly and accurately, with access to supporting TV pictures.

Contact Media Relations Unit:

Head of Media Relations, Caroline Danloy

+32(2) 537 4400

Mostra provides an online service of information designed for TV professionals interested in European issues, called TVLink Europe: www.tvlink.org Download free pictures or order a tape.

Other EU information is on the official EU website, "Europa": www.europa.eu



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