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Broadcasting is in a period of dynamic change. Advice from experienced professionals can help managers to focus and direct development. You probably don't want a team of highly-paid and jargon-chattering consultants wandering round your broadcasting station. But you might benefit quickly from a precise development project from T-Media.

Are you setting up a new broadcast operation? Is the quality of your output really as good as it can be? Are you working as efficiently as possible as budgets are squeezed and audiences have more choices? Are you developing multi-media services? Which new systems should you invest in? Do some of your staff need skills training?

Rick Thompson has been involved in change-management for more than 20 years.

"Clearly I don't know all the answers, but I'll probably know people who do. And I do know that independent and informed advice at the right time can save broadcast managers a lot of grief and a lot of money".

Rick has carried out newsroom consultancy projects at broadcasting stations across Europe, including Poland, Albania, Slovenia, Hungary, Holland, Slovakia, Armenia, Greece, Croatia, Serbia and Kosovo.

"If we don't have the expertise to help your project, we'll freely suggest others who may be able to help".

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