Rick Thompson

Journalist – Wildlife Writer – Moderator – Unlocking Warwick 

Rick worked for BBC News for many years, as a TV reporter and producer, then as a senior editor in the regional, national and international BBC services.  He then formed his own training and consultancy network, ‘T-Media’, helping the development of public service broadcasting across Europe. Now he is a regular moderator of international conferences on environmental themes and a writer on natural history. Rick also helps to research the eleven hundred year history of his home town, Warwick, and writes dramatic reconstructions on court cases heard there in former centuries. He is Secretary of the Town Council’s volunteers who organise a range of community events throughout the year.

Wildlife Writer

His new book, ‘Park Life’, describes a year in St. Nicholas Park in his home town of Warwick – a green area by the River Avon rich in surprising wildlife. There are pools with reed beds, areas of scrub and rough ground, and stands of mature trees, all teeming with different species. As the seasons change, he describes the birds, animals and flowers that can be found in the different habitats, with fascinating facts about the legends and folklore attached to many of them, and argues that urban green spaces are more vital to our wellbeing then ever.  (Read more)

“Fascinating. Packed with many interesting facts and folklore, celebrating wildlife on your doorstep.” Nic Hallam, BBRC.
“A lovely lyrical read through the seasons’ rhythms.” Ed Green, CEO Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.
“Evocative and timely. The variety of wildlife right under our noses is astonishing.”  Penny Dale, Writer and Illustrator.

‘Park Life’ is available from The Book Depository, Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles and all leading online booksellers, price £10.00

Conference Moderator 

Rick is an experienced moderator of international conferences, specialising in environmental issues. (Read more)


A reporter, producer, then senior editor at BBC News, Rick has worked on many development projects for broadcasters across Europe, and was for 12 years the Visiting Professor of Broadcast Journalism at Birmingham City University. (Read more)

Unlocking Warwick 

Rick is Secretary of ‘Unlocking Warwick’, the Warwick Town Council’s volunteers, helping to organise a range of community events throughout the year. (Read more)


Rick Thompson